Monday, June 3, 2013

May 101 update!!!

I am so proud of myself for this month.

  • paid more on my student loans. (That's $11K down, baby!!) 
  • blogged Orange Sky (that's 34 goals down!)
  • answered a few more questions
  • watched another old movie (halfway done with that one!)

I only crossed off one goal, but made such huge progress on my student loans! Things should be calming down here this month, so hopefully I'll have time to shove my face in a book or four, and start chipping away on the remainder for that goal. 

This is also the month I turn 25! I will be taking a little vacation to go see my grandparents again and stay with a friend on the beach. 

I am currently finishing up paperwork to enroll in a summer class that starts in July, and I will be officially back in school full-time in the fall. I only have a year left until graduation!! I have come such a long way since I started this project, and my plans have changed so much. It's amusing to look back only two years and see how much has changed. 

Here's to more awesome progress this month!