Sunday, September 15, 2013

Home alone!

This spring, a former coworker asked if she could move in temporarily when her lease was up. She was madly in love with a British guy who invited her to England this fall for his sister's wedding, and wanted to save up some cash to travel, so I agreed to the 2-3 month arrangement.

Well June rolled around, when her lease was up, and she said the stakes had changed. She had decided not to go to England this fall, and was planning on leaving when she moved up to Flagstaff to go to school in January. Oh, boy. Might have been nice to discuss that with me first!

Well she moved in, and we started having issues with her lack of cleanliness. We had a few conversations, then a roach in the house, and then she left last weekend for four days with the kitchen looking like this...

Oh boy. 

She came home on Thursday to a list of new house rules, and decided to move out on Saturday without informing me. 

Kyle was such a gem, we spent our Saturday together cleaning the house. He cleaned the entire laundry room,  including the dryer vent (apparently cleaning the lint trap was a foreign concept for her), while I focused on the kitchen. We took out the recycling and three bags of trash. 

There's still a lot of work to be done, and I'm frustrated that I lost a friend over lack of respect for my space, but I'm SO glad I can hang out on the couch in my undies again. Especially with Kyle's family at his house, it's nice to have somewhere we can be alone and relax. 

The rest of the day will be filled with homework and cleaning out the fridge/freezer before work! It's a lot of work now, but I'm so excited to have a clean house again. 


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