Friday, October 4, 2013

101 update: Two months left

Two months left of this challenge, and I'm 35% done... That's totally fine, right?

Right. I started this project while in school and going through an incredibly difficult phase in my relationship. I chose very lofty goals and didn't account for my lack of free time.

The two big monetary goals, I've made. I have paid well over my $15,000 goal toward my student loans. I also have a savings account I'm happy with, though I haven't crossed that goal off because I'll have to pay tuition again in December. I still need to have budgeted appropriately then!

Many of my time- or money- intensive goals haven't been reached. I haven't read 100 books, or finished knitting anything, or traveled to another continent. My focus has been narrower, and I prioritized the goals that were most important to me.

I am incredibly proud of what I have accomplished so far, and I hope to have 40+ goals completed by the end of this period. (Ideally, I'd complete 50%, but that's a stretch at this point.) I can easily finish cleaning out my closet, make my own laundry detergent, finish my 365 questions... If I prioritize my time properly, I can definitely knock out five more. I need to spend more time working on homework when I have the time available, and then I might spend less time stressing at the last minute because I prioritized poorly. (Not that I have any practice at procrastination, or anything.)

Five more.  Let's do this.

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