My happy list!

One of my goals is to make a list of 101 things that make me happy. I thought I'd share that with all of you!

  1. A beautiful sunny day
  2. The sound of birds singing
  3. The smell of fresh-baked homemade goodies
  4. People who smile often
  5. Sitting in front of the fireplace
  6. Compliments from people I respect
  7. Compliments from strangers
  8. Second-hand book stores
  9. High heels
  10. The smell of rain
  11. Trying on new, flattering clothes
  12. Reconnecting with an old friend
  13. A good book
  14. A successful kitchen experiment
  15. Making new friends
  16. The view flying into Anchorage
  17. Accomplishing something difficult
  18. Praise from a professor
  19. The color green
  20. Ice hanging from the trees
  21. The sound of running water
  22. Visibly becoming more fit
  23. Generous people
  24. The smell of fresh-cut grass
  25. Air conditioning
  26. A clean home
  27. The feeling of exhaustion after a good workout
  28. Travelling internationally
  29. Being on top of a mountain, surrounded by clouds
  30. A good chai latte
  31. A good hair day
  32. Watching clouds move across the sky
  33. A beautiful song
  34. Fresh-cut flowers
  35. Lingerie
  36. Sweets
  37. Cheap fuel
  38. My memory foam pillow
  39. Baby moose
  40. Walking through soft grass in bare feet
  41. Seeing snow on the mountains
  42. The sound of rain on a tin roof
  43. Late-night Arizona monsoons
  44. A hot bath with a glass of wine
  45. A sparkling sink
  46. Polka dots
  47. Thunderstorms
  48. A well-done accent wall
  49. Hiking
  50. Being alone with nature
  51. Playful puppies
  52. A baby's smile
  53. Hearing my birdy sing to me from across the room
  54. Watching Raj run around on the floor
  55. Driving a convertible with my hair blowing in the wind
  56. Driving fast
  57. New smelly bath stuff
  58. Seeing a sub-120 number on the scale
  59. Co-op farms
  60. Organic you-pick farms
  61. Fresh eggs
  62. Accents
  63. Big sunglasses
  64. Wearing a nice dress
  65. Going out to dinner
  66. Spontaneous travel
  67. Claw tubs
  68. Oversized soaking tubs
  69. Vineyards
  70. Fields of flowers
  71. Camping
  72. Quality time with friends
  73. Grilled sweet corn
  74. A beautiful sunset
  75. A good photograph of myself
  76. Use of solar panels
  77. Nights out with friends
  78. Waking up early & refreshed
  79. A bike ride through the countryside
  80. Inexpensive fresh fruit
  81. The smell of pine trees
  82. Homemade dessert
  83. Flowering bushes
  84. "Honey I'm home" kisses
  85. Hugs from behind
  86. Organ music
  87. Singing along with the radio
  88. Singing a duet
  89. Saying "I love you" consciously
  90. Not having to pay a bill
  91. Doing something that makes me feel like a hippy
  92. Seeing history
  93. Watching my birdy take a bath
  94. Road trips
  95. Chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven
  96. Acing a test
  97. Finding money in an old coat pocket
  98. Taking a nap
  99. Love letters
  100. Pet names
  101. Snuggling