Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My mom rocks!

Mom and I were chatting about the upcoming semester earlier today, and I mentioned that I needed to order my textbooks while I'm here, so they're ready to go by the time school starts on the 5th. (Ew. Way too early.)

So I get online in the library at home and went to town, adding everything to my cart. I go to check-out, and Mom says she'll pay for my books for me! Holy cow. Eight textbooks later, I am so grateful to my awesome mama! She saved me SO much money. Merry Christmas to me!

She also called earlier and made me a massage appointment and a chiropractic adjustment appointment for tomorrow afternoon. Super excited! I haven't had a real massage since April or May, and I'm long overdue for one. Did I mention my mama rocks?

I started re-packing my suitcase tonight, and at the bottom, I have my nice new Jack LaLane juicer tucked in to the corner. Yay for having parents that overspend and then are unhappy with the results! I'm so glad they like their blender much more than the juicer and that they never use said juicer. Juice cleanse, here I come!

Dad and I went out to dinner last night at Bombay Deluxe. Of course, no trip there is complete without hair in the naan, and we weren't disappointed. But the food was delicious, as expected! We ran into Matt's parents (Sara's new fiance's family) while we were there, which was a nice surprise... after I got past the initial surprise at "Oh hi; you must be Brianna!" from a complete stranger.

And with a belly full of Indian food leftovers and a heart still elated because Prince Charming called tonight, I bid you adieu! I'm super sleepy and have a lot to do tomorrow. Ciao!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

365 questions: 161 - 175

161. If today was the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today?  I just finished up Christmas dinner with the family, and I'm about to head downstairs to watch a movie with Mom. So sure, I guess. I've gotten to spend some awesome quality time with my mama today. 

162. If today was the last day of your life, who would you call and what would you tell them?  I'd call Prince Charming, thank him again for being so amazing, and say the L-word (for real, this time).  And if I was away from home, I'd call my mama and tell her I love her. 

163. Who do you dream about? Sadly, I almost never remember my dreams.  

164. What do you have trouble seeing clearly in your mind?  The future. I am mildly terrified of being forced into the adult world. 

165. What are you looking forward to?  New Year's Eve and my parents' anniversary. New Years' Day and seeing Prince Charming again. <3 And in the not-so-near future, graduation!! 

166. What is the number one thing you want to accomplish before you die?  Visit all seven continents. It's my life goal. 

167. When is love a weakness?  When it holds you back from anything, or stops you from accomplishing your goals. 

168. What has been the most terrifying moment of your life thus far?  Probably having The Conversation with Prince Charming. I've never opened myself up for failure and rejection the way I did that night, and I was absolutely petrified. 

169. Who is the strongest person you know?  Probably Kris. She is a warrior. She has triumphed through emotional and physical pain and come out on top. She truly is an inspiration to me. 

170. If you could take a single photograph of your life, what would it look like?  It would be bright and smiley. It might be a snapshot of my hike with Prince Charming a few weeks back, when we stopped for lunch. The weather was perfect, and we were stretched out on our backs seeing what we could make of the rock formations around us. 

171. Is the reward worth the risk?  Depends on the situation. If it's something you're passionate about, almost always. 

172. For you personally, what makes today worth living?  It's Christmas! I spent some wonderful time with family, read sweet things from Prince Charming, and snuggled with the puppies. 

173. What have you done in the last year that makes you proud?  Stuck up for myself. Left an awful and toxic relationship. 

174. What did you learn recently that changed the way you live?  I learned good-paying jobs are hard to come by. I was shown how important residual income truly is. And I learned how wonderful apathy can be. 

175. What is your fondest memory from the past three years?  I think the fondest and most terrifying might be the same. The night of The Conversation, and Mark's reaction. He couldn't have been more perfect and I want to smile and cry every time I think about it.  

Saturday, December 24, 2011

My New Year's Resolutions

If I don't make a list of 'em, I know I won't actually complete them. I love lists. I love order. And I love things that make sense.

With that, I resolve to accomplish the following five things from my 101 list:

  • Complete a half-marathon.
  • Complete a 5-day juice cleanse. (I will be starting January 2nd)
  • Achieve my goal weight (125 lbs.) and maintain it to the end of the year.
  • Acquire 75 customer points.
  • Write to Billie and Wally once per month.

And things that are not on my 101 list:

  • I resolve to fit in my new turquoise Banana Republic dress by Mark's brother's wedding in February. 
  • I resolve to make more of an effort to keep a spotless house. 
  • I resolve to go 30 days with no alcohol. 
  • I resolve to apply 100% of myself to my schoolwork. 
  • I resolve to keep a journal of thanks, updated daily. 

We'll see how things go! I think I'm going to try to make a thanksgiving journal with Mom when I'm home, or go out together and see what I can find. That's one of the things I'm most looking forward to. 

I still have to pack tonight, since I work fairly early tomorrow, so I am outta here. Ciao! And since you won't see me until Christmas Day at the earliest, Happy Holidays!! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Highlights of 2011

January: No real highlights. The most memorable moment would be Kyle storming into my office to scream at me, and the subsequent blowout / breakup.

February: California trip! Being skinnier than I have been in 7+ years.

March: Starting my 101 list, and meeting two of my very best friends!

April: My daddy coming to visit. Moving in with said new best friends. Starting my own business!

May: Another California trip, this one with my sister. Meeting Sam! <3 The heart-to-heart with Ryan in some seedy little Carlsbad bar.

June: Buying my ticket to Europe. My birthday! An Alaska trip.

July: July 4th week. Hollywood with Ryan. The beach with Ryan. Leaving for Europe!

August: Austria. Innsbruck. Meeting Andy.

September: Finally having the cajones to stand up for myself. And a new job!

October:  Asking Prince Charming out on a date.

November: Our first date. Candice's wedding. Thanksgiving. <3

December: Turning my ring around. Saying the L-word. And in four more days, I'll be headed back to Alaska again for a white Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Oh my God; can we have sex please?"

Last night in one word: shitshow.

I picked up GI Joe around 4 to go up to Four Peaks in celebration of the semester being over. One of GI Joe's friends was waiting for us, and Awesome Artist met us there after she got off work.

The girls each had one beer; the guys had more, and we decided we wanted to booze it up cheaply. So we headed our separate ways for wine and swim attire, and reconvened at GI Joe's house. Between the three of us work buddies, we polished off about four bottles of wine before Prince Charming showed up. And then we decided to get in the hot tub.

Well I had consumed one glass out of each bottle, and maybe got two glasses out of one of 'em. Point being, they were the booze hounds. So by the time we hop in the hot tub, they're both hammered.

GI Joe's wife came home to find him hooking up with the Artist in the hot tub. (Super awkward for the rest of us - particularly Prince Charming, since he had just popped his first and only beer at the time.) The dogs ate my panties while we were hot tubbing. (There are 18 new holes. I counted last night.) Then Prince Charming and I took the Artist home since she was so sloppy drunk she could hardly stand. Went and hung out with Finn for a little bit (borrowed some books; yay!!) and came home. We had a sleepover so he could take me back to my car this morning, since there was really no point in going back to GI Joe's last night to get it. It took both of us to get the Artist home and it was super late so neither of us felt like going back to get the car.

Then I had to be up at 5 this morning for a photo shoot. I'd be grumpy, but I think we got some AMAZING shots out of it! I absolutely adore this guy's work. I really am thrilled to see what we've created together. I think we're sitting down to go over all the photos some time early next week. Yay!!

I ran into the ex at work today. Or more appropriately, I suppose he ran into me when he came through my line. He made some stupid comment about how he had been wondering when/where we would run into each other next. Really? I haven't. We have very few mutual friends. We don't frequent the same places. He can't even get into the school I attend - probably until I'm finished with my degree. We rarely shop at the same grocery stores. I'm not sure why we would run into each other. And I certainly wouldn't mind if it never happened again.

Oh well. I should probably be mildly productive. My sister and her fiance are coming over to meet Prince Charming this weekend, and I have a little post-finals clutter to get rid of. My fridge could use a good cleaning, too. Last time, I only got halfway done. So between cleaning, freerice, the cookie dough I have chilling in the fridge, and the three new books I have on the end table, I'll have plenty to keep me occupied in the next few days!

Ciao :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Lots to catch up on!

Yikes; it's been a while!

Prince Charming and I went over to Kris and Dave's for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a wonderful night with wonderful friends. We had some delicious wine, and slow danced around the living room after dinner.

He and I also both had the day off last Sunday, so we went out east and hiked Peralta! I had left my camera at his house and my phone in the car, so we are completely photo-less. But we had a blast! We hiked for about five and a half hours, went back and got some steaks and wine, grilled at the house, and watched a movie on the couch.

He helped me clean the puke car on Wednesday night after he got off work. We walked down to Kiwanis Park Thursday morning after breakfast and fed the ducks. (The blind one isn't there anymore, and we saw one who had a fishing hook stuck in his mouth. :( I hate irresponsible people.)

Thursday night, I went to the Champagne & Sparkling class at my favorite wine store. I fell in love with two new wines and left a little gift hidden for a special someone there to find this weekend.

Then this weekend, I spent in San Diego at a rockin' business conference! I got some amazing training from John Maxwell, who started off his talk by saying, "Hi. My name is John, and I am your friend." I heard from some amazing, inspirational people and I am so glad I went. I met up with Sam on Saturday night for a glass of wine and some girl talk. I got to share her second round of legal drinks. <3

Finn and I went out to lunch today at Pita Jungle. I can't believe I've never been there! Holy delicious. We had a selection of tapas off their happy hour menu - none of which were more than $2. New favorite place.

Today is the mailing deadline for my cookie exchange, and I got my first dozen in the mail today! I am not proud to admit that I didn't share any, and I have none left. Definitely need to run a few miles this week - particularly because I've been contacted about three upcoming shoots in the last three days. I've already gained a bit of weight. I can't afford to gain much more.

I submitted my last programming assignment of the semester tonight! I can't believe that in only eight days, I will be done with this semester. I can't wait! I have been so exhausted and overwhelmed lately with everything I have going on, and am so ready to have some time to relax, and to do things for me.

I've been invited to speak on a conference call tonight by someone I have the utmost respect for, so I should probably head off. I apologize for the lack of updates! Hopefully you'll see a little more of my smiling face around here soon. :)