Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Three busy months later...

I finished my 101 project with 38 goals complete! That wasn't quite where I was hoping to be, but I'm thrilled overall. Those are thirty-eight goals that I likely wouldn't have started, let alone completed, had I not sat down and made the conscious choice to do so.

Other life updates:

  • School is going well! I am only half-time this semester and am set to graduate next Spring. 
  • Since January 1st of this year, I have paid over $18,000 on my student loans. My balance is down under $65k, and should be paid off by the end of the year!!! 
  • Dad asked, and I agreed to take over his business. I will be going home this summer to work with him for a few months and start learning the ropes. 

I started a new 101 project at the end of January. I haven't given it quite the attention it deserves yet, but I am looking forward to embarking on another journey! Some of the goals are repeats that I didn't finish last time, but about half of them are completely new. I've been ill for the last 2+ weeks, so I haven't really even gotten the chance to start on anything, but I plan to start my yoga challenge this week, and hopefully make good progress on the afghan over Spring Break in a few weeks.

I picked up a bunch of beautiful yarn in the last month. I'm hoping to be able to knit something quick for Erika for the wedding. And holy shit; I can't believe she's getting married in 38 days! 

Life is good. I'm happy, I'm successful, and I'm having fun. 

Until next time!! xoxo