About me!

Hi there, and thanks for stopping by!

I'm Brianna - bookworm, trouble-maker, and connoisseur of everything the world has to offer. I am a business owner, foodie, and oenophile extraordinaire. I love travel, Austria, my little bird, the Lonely Island "Jack Sparrow" song, the color green, and kicking back a few with friends. I am a huge procrastinator, and a sporadic blogger.

I started this blog back in January 2011 - mostly because I needed a place to get all my thoughts out and I prefer typing on the computer to writing in a journal. You'll probably notice that many of my posts still have a more personal, journalistic-feel than a typical blog. Sorry! That's just me. I tend to over-share.

This blog has mostly focused on my Day Zero Project, since I started it in March of 2011. That probably gives you a little idea of who I am, what I enjoy, and where I am going in life, but here are a few random tidbits you might not otherwise glean.

  • I am originally from Alaska, but have lived in Arizona since August 2008. 
  • I love studying different philosophies. As for my own, I identify somewhere between Deism and Theism. 
  • I have studied German since I was in 7th grade and one of my life goals is to own a home in Tirol, Austria. 
  • I have played the piano since age five and performed in various vocal capacities since age six. I have toured and competed internationally and music is a huge part of my life! 
  • I have a love affair with polka dots and high, high heels. 
  • I have a habit of setting lofty goals. Currently I am on track to being the youngest master sommelier in the nation. 
  • I'm a total fat kid at heart, and I LOVE to cook!  

Above all, I want to thank you for joining me on my journey! I love comments, feedback, and meeting new people. 

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