Monday, July 1, 2013

June 101 update!!

This past month, I:
  • paid more on my student loans! Over $2000 this month!!!
  • visited a new museum in San Diego
So maybe I didn't cross off another goal, but I paid over $2000 on my loans. I'm so thrilled!! I just made another payment this morning, too, so I have less than $1500 left until I've met my goal. 

Kyle and I went out to Mission Beach for my birthday weekend, and we spent Sunday at the San Diego Natural History Museum. That weekend was so delightful! I can't remember the last time I had four days off in a row. I think it might have been for my little sister's wedding! We got to relax and eat delicious food, hang out on the beach, and enjoy that gorgeous weather (and then come home to 118, unfortunately). I'll try to get a few photos up here in the next few days.

And since I should have a little extra time this week with the holiday, hopefully I'll (finally) get some reading done! Here's to a productive July!


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