Monday, August 1, 2011

More from Innsbruck. :)

I have decided to stay here an extra day. Theresa offered and I just couldn't refuse.

Run-down of Innsbruck so far:

Friday - Train here from Florence. Theresa picked me up at the station (I felt really bad because my train was almost 30 minutes late and I didn't have any way to call and let her know), and we wandered around town. Then went back to the house, did some hiking up in the Olympic ski areas (with cows and horses!), and walked around the little lake with live music. Returned to the house. Met Bartok, and - well, if you don't have anything nice to say...

Saturday - got up. Went down to Innsbruck to get their touristy Innsbruck-card. Went first to the Swarovski museum out in Wattens. Came back to town, got a sandwhich at the supermarket in the train station, and wandered around a little more. Ended the evening at a Tiroler Abend - a traditional Tyrolian evening full of yodeling, shoe-slapping dance, alp horns, the hammer dulcimer... it was a BLAST. Yann met us there in time for dinner, and we shared an evening of laughs.

As the Tirolean evening was starting

Sunday - got up again. Headed off with Yann to the Nordkette. Took the train to the very top and had hot chocolate by the cross. Amazing. Went to a schnapps tasting back in town, and then met Wing, a traveler from Australia.

At the top of the Nordkette with Theresa and Yann 

Today we are mostly heading our separate ways. I'm baking brownies for Theresa later... no big plans, really. Just enjoying her company and this wonderful town.

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