Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August 101 update and Labor Day vacation!

I went back to school full-time this month, so my free time was (and is) pretty limited. Nonetheless, I accomplished the following:

  • paid more on my student loans! So much more, in fact, that I crossed that one off the list! Woohoo!! 
  • donated more rice! 
  • read another book! Finished the first week of school - probably the last book I'll read for pleasure for the next little while. 

That's 35 goals down, now. Took a while to cross off another one, but I'm still makin' progress, and that's all that counts! 

Just got back from a weekend getaway with the Mister, where we got plenty of relaxing in, spent some time with my little sister and her hubs, and I caught up on sleep! We stayed at the Flagstaff Courtyard Marriott (don't recommend) and ate at Cuvee 928 (such disappointing service!). Good thing I had such wonderful company, or I might have been super bummed. We're back home missing my favorite memory foam pillow, a little more sunburnt than is enjoyable, but rested and happy. We didn't take a whole lot of photos, but if I can put a few together, you may get a peek at the gorgeous Walnut Canyon cliff dwellings. 

More later! xoxo

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