Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy birthday to me!!

That's right, bitches. I'm the big 2-4. I worked on my birthday (an 11 hour shift - yay!) and then went out with coworkers afterward. Yeah, reverse happy hour!

Our waitress had mediocre-at-best camera skills. 

Someone at work had ordered cupcakes, Esti made chocolate chip cookies, Kate and David brought me a blizzard from DQ, and my mama had flowers delivered to me at work. It was a pretty spectacular day! 

After leaving Applebee's, rather than doing the responsible thing and going to bed, I watched movies all night. Two of them, in fact. All the way until I decided to get ready for my 7AM shift. I had a total blast. I also watched the first episode of a show called Archer, which I think is going to be right up my alley.

Yesterday, in my sleep-deprived state, I also ran into Ryann - an old friend from my sorority days. She was so excited to see me, I must have gotten seven hugs along with the declaration that she was about to cry. What a way to make a girl feel loved!

So far, I'm lovin' this whole year-older thing. 24 is treating me pretty well. And I've stayed under my pre-goal goal weight for the last three days, even eating pretty much whatever I choose (since I'm the birthday girl!).

Bring on an awesome year! I'm more than ready for it... and the flowers it will bring, as long as they're as pretty as these!

Thanks, Mom!! <3

Thanks for celebrating with me! xoxo

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