Sunday, July 22, 2012

Halfway update!

Oh, boy. I can't believe that 503 days ago, I started this project. In those 503 days, I've done quite a bit. I spent my entire savings. I gained a bunch of weight. I ended a relationship that I thought for sure would be happily ever after. I've also traveled. I have helped feed the hungry. I have gotten back into reading passionately. I got a new job, doing something I love.

Life has taken me on a path I didn't expect over the last year, and I have really grown because of it. I haven't quite accomplished all the goals I had anticipated having done by now, but I'm not terribly disappointed by the progress I've made either.

Of my 101 goals, I have completed 25. I have made significant progress on another 15. Since my year update in March, that's another seven completed and five goals attempted - 40 overall compared to the 35 of March.

My progress on uncompleted goals is as follows:

  • Use $100 in coupons (61% complete)
  • See five theater productions (20% complete)
  • Attend two concerts (50% complete)
  • Watch 10 old movies (40% complete)
  • Visit 15 states (20% complete)
  • Blog about 50 new recipes (32% complete)
  • Yelp five new restaurants (40% complete)
  • Read 100 books (39% complete)
  • Visit ten museums (40% complete)
  • Write a letter to myself (have to find it to complete!)
  • 365-day photo challenge (1 month in today)
  • 365 questions (61% complete)
  • Achieve my goal weight (24 lbs. away)
  • Donate 1M grains of rice (36% complete)
  • Clean out my closet (20% complete)

Many of my goals from here on out are ongoing goals - ones that I have to work toward, that can't be completed in one day. The ones that aren't generally involve money, and are things for which I would need to save. My progress may appear to be going slowly, but I feel I'm making a dent and will continue to chip away large chunks at a time. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the progress I have planned out! 


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