Friday, April 15, 2011

Week from hell.

Tuesday morning, my world turned upside down.

Monday night, I got home from class, hung out on the computer, talked to Kyle a bit - nothing terribly exciting. I got a phone call from Natelie - one of my best friends since kindergarten. Her husband likes to be a major d-bag sometimes. The last time I remember was the night of Jay's going away party - March 12th. Nat called and I spent a good portion of the night either outside on the phone with her or in Kyle's room on the phone with her. They had gotten in an argument and he just up and took the car and left. Wasn't answering his phone, at one point made it very clear he was drinking. I think he made some rude comments about wanting nothing to do with her. I don't remember for sure.

Well about a week ago, he got home on another R&R from the slope. Monday was Nat's first day at a bank up in Wasilla, and then she had class in the evening, so Aaron was home by himself pretty much all day. Well when she got home, she brought in the groceries, and I guess he blew up at her - saying she didn't appreciate everything he does for her, or something like that, and then stormed off, taking the car again, and leaving his cell phone at home.

So she called me, bawling. I talked to her for a little bit, then suggested she call her mom, pack an overnight bag, and stay over there so she would have a vehicle to take to work in the morning. She said she was packing her bag while she was on the phone with me, and hung up saying she would call her mommy and call me back if she needed me later that evening.

So I texted her the next morning on my way to class. Said I hoped she was able to have a good time with her mommy the night before, and that I was thinking about her. I got a text back later that said she never went over to her mom's the night before, Aaron ended up coming home around 1AM, and that she was in the hospital.

WOAH. Not what I was expecting to hear.

We texted back and forth a few times, and then I called her. We only had a few minutes before she was called back, but the short version is that Aaron came home and slept on the couch. Before Nat left for work, they ended up getting in a physical altercation. She ended up in the hospital for five hours, and spent several more at the courthouse seeking a restraining order, and then at the Palmer Police Dept. Aaron was arrested on one felony and one misdemeanor count of assault, and his bail was set at $5000. He is still in custody.

So my week has been super stressful, trying to comfort her and be there as much as possible, not knowing the right things to say and not being able to actually be there in person. Then my period started Wednesday while I was at a meeting at Starbucks on 5th & Mill, so there's a spendy pair of pants that I hope can be recovered.

I had a super emotional conversation with Lindsey last night about everything that's been going on with Kyle lately, and was bawling like a baby. Finished off the last two glasses in my bottle of vinho verde that's been in the fridge for over a week. (Oops!)

I'm heading over to Kris's tonight for some pot roast and red wine. Hoping that will be a nice, relaxing change of pace in my out of control week. I also called Dance Doctors earlier and got in for a 4:30 private lesson, so here's hoping that will relieve some stress, too.

I'm off to shower before Mike comes over at 2 to introduce me to more ACN stuff!

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