Monday, April 1, 2013

March 101 update

For the month of March, I:
  • yelped one new restaurant! 
  • paid more on my student loans (I'm at $9000 of $15,000 now! That's 60% there, and I've only been paying on my loans for seven months!)
  • read two books!
  • donated toward the funeral fund of a little girl whose family I've never met. Crossed off my random act of kindness goal! (That's 31 down!)
  • used a bunch of coupons and crossed off that goal! (32 now!)
  • answered some more questions
  • donated some rice 

I completed two goals, and made progress toward five more! I'm gettin' there. 

For the month of April, I would like to cross off two more! It's not even noon on April 1st and I've already made another loan payment, so let's see what goals I can knock out this month! 

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