Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 101 update

So I forgot when I was doing my August update that I actually did complete one! I ate bison. Bison burgers with a shit-ton of feta, to be exact. And they were delish. So I'm counting that one for this month, since I forgot to for last month.


  • ate bison.

Made progress:

  • read one book!
  • paid $1800 toward student loans. (I'm pretty proud of this one! That's more than 10% of my goal, and my loans haven't even matured yet.) 
  • updated the blog with one recipe
  • answered ten questions
  • donated some rice

Goals for October:

  • make an effort to catch up on rice (50K+ grains donated)
  • run 1 mile
  • lose another 5 lbs. (get down to 137)
  • pay $1200 toward loans
  • read 4 books

Let's see how it goes! 

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