Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 in review

Last year, I posted this:

I resolve to accomplish the following five things from my 101 list:

  • Complete a half-marathon.
  • Complete a 5-day juice cleanse. (I will be starting January 2nd)
  • Achieve my goal weight (125 lbs.) and maintain it to the end of the year.
  • Acquire 75 customer points.
  • Write to Billie and Wally once per month.

And things that are not on my 101 list:

  • I resolve to fit in my new turquoise Banana Republic dress by Mark's brother's wedding in February. 
  • I resolve to make more of an effort to keep a spotless house. 
  • I resolve to go 30 days with no alcohol. 
  • I resolve to apply 100% of myself to my schoolwork. 
  • I resolve to keep a journal of thanks, updated daily. 

And of those ten things (why in the world would I make ten resolutions?!), I completed a juice cleanse, I wore the turquoise dress in February, and I'm proud of my house right now. And, while I didn't achieve my goal weight yet, the scale tipped at 129.8 this morning, so I'm not complaining. That's more than 30 lbs. down this year. Thirty. Wow. 

This coming year, I resolve to: 
  • Achieve my goal weight (125 lbs.) 
  • Purchase land
  • Finish my 101 list with 75% completion (let's be honest - I don't think I'm going to get all the way there. I have less than 30 goals completed currently.) 
  • Buy a wine fridge! 
  • Cultivate love. Loving myself, loving my family, partner, friends - I feel like I've been so wrapped up in stresses lately that I haven't had time for love. And that needs to change. 

I'm only going with five this time, so I have more of a chance to succeed. Plus, I have all the rest of my 101 list to work on! I'm going to be a busy little bee in 2013. 


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