Friday, January 11, 2013

Exciting things might be happening.

I have a super-fabulous coworker who is semi-retired. He decided he wanted a "fun" job, so he's working in wine.

Well apparently there's been talk of him accepting a job offer back in California, and it's everything he wants it to be - making 10x what he does where we're at now, super close to their grandbaby, back doing what he's done forever.......... and he mentioned taking me with him. He needs an analyst. I'm the perfect candidate. I have amazing customer service skills, client-relationship-building abilities, tons of experience in Powerpoint and Excel (what college student nowadays doesn't?), and I have a math background.

Did I mention it would start at six figures?

He will have made his decision on the formal offer in three weeks. I don't know when he's wanting me out there, but I'm hoping to finish up this semester first.

The Court of Masters has an introductory sommelier course in San Fran in mid-February. If things are more serious, I'm thinking I might go out there for a few days, take the course, and scope things out.

If I do this right, even if I don't move out there until June, I could have my Alaska student loans completely paid off by the end of this year. That kind of income would qualify me for a mortgage close to $500K, which opens up a lot more possibilities than I originally thought.

This might be my face currently.
I'm trying not to get too excited, but quite frankly, I'm thrilled out of my mind right now. This is a whole new world of possibilities. Land in a good spot in Sedona. Student loans paid off. Loan to Dad paid completely. Credit cards paid off. I would have a normal-person 8 to 5 job, and have weekends off. I could afford to go on vacation. I would be able to afford all those things on my 101-list I desperately want to do. I would be much closer to the "wine scene," and increase my knowledge - potentially landing a lucrative part-time job in wine. Potential business trips to other countries and continents. Huge opportunity for growth. I would have a manager I ADORE rather than one I loathe. I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop and the downsides to appear.

One of my tutoring clients told me today that I'm not allowed to leave until May 14th, because that's the date of her final. I forgot how much I miss good, real appreciation at work until recently.

I'm crossing all my fingers and all my toes for the next month.

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