Monday, March 18, 2013

In my absence...

Whoops! Spring break is supposed to be a time of great relaxation and fun times, right? Apparently not to this girl. I've spent the last two weeks working 70+ hours while still trying to stay sane, not letting Raj (who I'm considering renaming Destructo) miss me too much, and making time for the important people in my life. That left approximately zero down time for me.

I did cross off another goal a few days ago. A woman on a message board I used to frequent 2+ years ago had a granddaughter pass away last week. The family was unprepared for the funeral expenses, so I contributed toward that as my random act of kindness. I've made some pretty good progress with my goals so far this month that I'm excited to announce in another week or two.

It's also been a bit emotional for me, this last week or two. I've been doing a lot of introspection, a lot of soul-searching, and taking a lot of bubble baths with a book and a glass of bubbly. Later this week, I have to pack up some furniture that belonged to my bff's grandmother who passed away earlier this year. Priscilla had a home down here, and since none of the family lives in Arizona, I've been put in charge of arranging for the shipping of household goods and heirlooms.

The cleaners come a week from today, and I have been cleaning house in preparation. Like that makes a whole lot of sense. I'm really relieved to have someone take over and deep clean so I don't have to, but that hasn't cut down my stress level.

The last day I had off was February 7th. I've been going, going, going like crazy every day since then and I think I'm just getting worn down. Between my special needs clients and the client that thinks they can ask the world of me, I am completely drained. I had really been looking forward to next Saturday, because I was taking the day off to go to the Renaissance Fair, but now it looks like I have a tutoring client that morning, a shoot in the late morning, and we might end up not going to the Fair afterall.

I've seen a correlation lately between not making time for myself and bad things happening in my life. Last time I went on vacation, I came home to something wonderful. When I stop going to yoga and life gets really hectic, things rarely work in my favor.

I'm taking a stand today to make more time for myself. Even if it means going to bed earlier so I can go to the 5:30/6AM yoga class during the week, I think I can sacrifice a little sleep to get in some good meditation and me-time.

I've been focusing so much lately on the tangible - working to pay off my credit card, pay down my loans, save up for a down payment on property - that I've neglected the last goal for myself this year. Cultivate love, even for myself. There is a fine line in love between working hard to accomplish your goals and taking care of yourself. I love that sense of accomplishment that comes from crossing a new goal off my list, or seeing my credit score jump 30 points because I've paid down my balance, or seeing a growing number in the bank. Those things are so rewarding for me. But sometimes the greatest reward is giving yourself a break.

Are you taking enough me-time?

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