Friday, March 1, 2013

February 101 update :)

For February, I said I would:
  • read four books
  • watch one old movie
  • complete one scrapbooking page
  • send out something special for a friend
  • bring my rice total to 400,000 grain donated (donate 13K this month)

Of that, I accomplished the following! 
  • read two books
  • donated some rice
  • paid more toward my student loans!
  • went to the BB King concert! (that's 2/2! 30 goals down.)
  • answered a lot more questions!
  • reviewed a new restaurant
  • used $7 in coupons

I crossed another goal off the list. I made a lot of progress, and I paid for another goal that I'll be starting next week. For March, I'm just going to say that I hope to cross off two goals. I won't be specific, because I haven't had a lot of success when I am. And so - to success! 


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