Thursday, February 3, 2011

I got no sleep last night.

Or it feels like it, anyway. I decided to head to bed around 12:30. At 12:45 / 1ish, I was still laying in bed wide awake and had the uncontrollable urge to go find the notebook full of letters that I wrote to Kyle when he was deployed - the ones I never sent.

So I did. I went through the second bedroom tearing apart all the boxes. Of course with my luck, it wasn't in any of them. I finally found it sitting on the floor under the bag that holds the air mattress. Bizarre.

Anyway, I found it around 1:15ish, I think, and took it back to bed with me. I read them all and decided to write another one at the end. I started it on a new page so I can choose not to include it when I give him the rest of them, if I change my mind. I was up until 4 working on it, so there was a lot of time spent on it. My thoughts may have been a bit jumbled (um, it was 4 AM), and I haven't read over it, so I don't know how it actually sounds.

Anyway, leaving class here in a sec.

To-do for today:

- finish questions for hospital interview
- pick out hospital interview outfit!
- listen to O-Chem lectures and catch up!
- spend 30 minutes in the bedroom picking up.

And I have a Salsa class tonight at 5:30!

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