Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yeah, about that list...

I don't think I got a single thing on there accomplished, except the dishes and laundry. I had Raj out of his house, hanging out with me all day, and wasn't paying as close attention as I probably should have. Right around 2, I noticed he was hanging out on the coffee table and hadn't moved in a while. At first I thought he was sleeping, but his head was in a weird position - one he never sleeps in. I took a closer look, and he had been munching on my O-Chem syllabus and gotten the staple stuck in his tongue/beak. The poor guy had dripped a decent amount of blood (or what I thought was blood) all down the page. I got the staple out and called the exotic animal vet in Mesa, and they suggested he come in. 

So we went in, they weighed him (90 grams), clipped his nails, and it turned out that he had a puncture wound and a laceration on his tongue. The vet and vet tech spooked him when they walked into the room, though, and he ended up flying straight into the window seven times. I started tearing up in the office. My poor baby! 

I walked out with a poor, stunned bird and a $140+ vet bill. That little turd had better know that I love him! That's more than I paid for him + his cage. 

It is the coldest day I have ever experienced in Arizona today. 28 at about 8:30, 35 at about 10, and 38 at 12:15ish. Coming to class this evening, I wore a knee-length pea coat, a scarf, and North Face gloves. All were different colors, so I probably looked really silly. Oh well! I was nice and warm. 

And the worst class of my week is starting. Gotta go!

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