Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Skipping class and taking a me-day.

Today is the first day since school started that I have missed class. (I'm not counting O-Chem, since he records and posts his lectures.) I completely spaced my Genetics homework yesterday, so when I woke up this morning, that needed to be done. I ended up skipping Physio to do my Genetics homework, and by the time I was done, I wouldn't be able to get to campus in order to submit it before class started. (I got done right at 10, and class starts at 10:30. I had to drive to campus, park, and walk all the way over to Murdock, then turn it in. No way was that happening.) So, since there is a submit online option, here I am! 10:09 and still at home in my pjs.

I'm definitely ready for a me-day! My poor house needs to be cleaned. The bird pooped on my pants both last night and this morning, so I could probably stand to do another load of laundry (even though I already did one last night... Grrrr!). And if Kyle is coming by in the next few days to empty out the house (okay, okay, take his stuff), I don't want whoever he brings with him to see my messy room! I wish I had a screwdriver so I could take the bed apart and move the guest bed into the main bedroom, though. The bedroom is going to be a pain in the butt to pick up because the closets here are laid out really funky. Too bad Mom bought me those under-the-bed organizers... they won't fit under the cheap-o frame that the guest bed is on so now I get to figure out a way to stash them in the room so they don't look awful. Yeah, good luck with that endeavor.

I let Raj out of his house earlier to hang out with me for a bit... he pooped on my leg and then stepped in it before I knew he's even pooped. I realized it when he was wandering around with an enormous poo clump stuck to his foot. Gross.

So anyway, my to-do list for the day:

- pick up bedroom
- do one load each of dishes and laundry
- finish reading "The Racial Economy of Science" for class tomorrow
- watch at least two O-chem lectures to get caught up!

And then I can relax a little tonight. I have a Bollywood class at 6:15 and go straight into Zumba at 7, so I'm going to be totally beat and ready for bed when I get home!

I also think I'm going to use up the last of that chicken making some chicken piccata. Yum, yum!

Now I'm off to be productive!

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