Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Highlights of 2011

January: No real highlights. The most memorable moment would be Kyle storming into my office to scream at me, and the subsequent blowout / breakup.

February: California trip! Being skinnier than I have been in 7+ years.

March: Starting my 101 list, and meeting two of my very best friends!

April: My daddy coming to visit. Moving in with said new best friends. Starting my own business!

May: Another California trip, this one with my sister. Meeting Sam! <3 The heart-to-heart with Ryan in some seedy little Carlsbad bar.

June: Buying my ticket to Europe. My birthday! An Alaska trip.

July: July 4th week. Hollywood with Ryan. The beach with Ryan. Leaving for Europe!

August: Austria. Innsbruck. Meeting Andy.

September: Finally having the cajones to stand up for myself. And a new job!

October:  Asking Prince Charming out on a date.

November: Our first date. Candice's wedding. Thanksgiving. <3

December: Turning my ring around. Saying the L-word. And in four more days, I'll be headed back to Alaska again for a white Christmas!

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