Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Oh my God; can we have sex please?"

Last night in one word: shitshow.

I picked up GI Joe around 4 to go up to Four Peaks in celebration of the semester being over. One of GI Joe's friends was waiting for us, and Awesome Artist met us there after she got off work.

The girls each had one beer; the guys had more, and we decided we wanted to booze it up cheaply. So we headed our separate ways for wine and swim attire, and reconvened at GI Joe's house. Between the three of us work buddies, we polished off about four bottles of wine before Prince Charming showed up. And then we decided to get in the hot tub.

Well I had consumed one glass out of each bottle, and maybe got two glasses out of one of 'em. Point being, they were the booze hounds. So by the time we hop in the hot tub, they're both hammered.

GI Joe's wife came home to find him hooking up with the Artist in the hot tub. (Super awkward for the rest of us - particularly Prince Charming, since he had just popped his first and only beer at the time.) The dogs ate my panties while we were hot tubbing. (There are 18 new holes. I counted last night.) Then Prince Charming and I took the Artist home since she was so sloppy drunk she could hardly stand. Went and hung out with Finn for a little bit (borrowed some books; yay!!) and came home. We had a sleepover so he could take me back to my car this morning, since there was really no point in going back to GI Joe's last night to get it. It took both of us to get the Artist home and it was super late so neither of us felt like going back to get the car.

Then I had to be up at 5 this morning for a photo shoot. I'd be grumpy, but I think we got some AMAZING shots out of it! I absolutely adore this guy's work. I really am thrilled to see what we've created together. I think we're sitting down to go over all the photos some time early next week. Yay!!

I ran into the ex at work today. Or more appropriately, I suppose he ran into me when he came through my line. He made some stupid comment about how he had been wondering when/where we would run into each other next. Really? I haven't. We have very few mutual friends. We don't frequent the same places. He can't even get into the school I attend - probably until I'm finished with my degree. We rarely shop at the same grocery stores. I'm not sure why we would run into each other. And I certainly wouldn't mind if it never happened again.

Oh well. I should probably be mildly productive. My sister and her fiance are coming over to meet Prince Charming this weekend, and I have a little post-finals clutter to get rid of. My fridge could use a good cleaning, too. Last time, I only got halfway done. So between cleaning, freerice, the cookie dough I have chilling in the fridge, and the three new books I have on the end table, I'll have plenty to keep me occupied in the next few days!

Ciao :)

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