Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My mom rocks!

Mom and I were chatting about the upcoming semester earlier today, and I mentioned that I needed to order my textbooks while I'm here, so they're ready to go by the time school starts on the 5th. (Ew. Way too early.)

So I get online in the library at home and went to town, adding everything to my cart. I go to check-out, and Mom says she'll pay for my books for me! Holy cow. Eight textbooks later, I am so grateful to my awesome mama! She saved me SO much money. Merry Christmas to me!

She also called earlier and made me a massage appointment and a chiropractic adjustment appointment for tomorrow afternoon. Super excited! I haven't had a real massage since April or May, and I'm long overdue for one. Did I mention my mama rocks?

I started re-packing my suitcase tonight, and at the bottom, I have my nice new Jack LaLane juicer tucked in to the corner. Yay for having parents that overspend and then are unhappy with the results! I'm so glad they like their blender much more than the juicer and that they never use said juicer. Juice cleanse, here I come!

Dad and I went out to dinner last night at Bombay Deluxe. Of course, no trip there is complete without hair in the naan, and we weren't disappointed. But the food was delicious, as expected! We ran into Matt's parents (Sara's new fiance's family) while we were there, which was a nice surprise... after I got past the initial surprise at "Oh hi; you must be Brianna!" from a complete stranger.

And with a belly full of Indian food leftovers and a heart still elated because Prince Charming called tonight, I bid you adieu! I'm super sleepy and have a lot to do tomorrow. Ciao!!

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