Tuesday, April 10, 2012

If you're healthy and you know it...

Since I started my little weight-loss challenge with the ladies of MSOS (on March 23rd), I've lost more than five pounds. I haven't really been exercising much more, but I've been downing more than half my weight in ounces of water every day, and changing the way I snack. And it's working!

So Thursday, I rewarded myself with a beautiful loaf of bread from Great Harvest. And for perhaps the first time ever, I was disappointed. Their Maple-Nut Pull-apart was good, but not my favorite from them. So, again for the first time ever, I didn't finish the whole loaf. That probably shouldn't be something I'm super proud of, considering eating an entire loaf of bread by myself is not exactly conducive to weight loss, but oh well. Go me.

I had a super fabulous weekend! Miranda came over after work on Saturday, and we watched Bounty Hunter. It was really cute. Plus Gerard Butler is in it, so neither of us were complaining. I ended up working GI Joe's shift for him on Easter Sunday, so I had to be in at 6AM. I put in 8 hours at time & a half, and unloaded three pallets of freight all by my lonesome. Then G came over for dinner, and grilled me up the best steak I've ever had in my life.

Note to self: Never marry a man who can't grill a steak. That shit's important, yo. (Because God knows I'm super fail at grilling. Somebody's got to do it!)

We went to The Melting Pot last night, and for a variety of reasons, it was absolutely my favorite time there. I love playing dress-up; I went in planning to pay for everything so I didn't have to worry about a fight over money; we had a parade of servers and managers stopping by our table to say hi, check in on us, and invite us to parties (rock on!); G may have stolen a few extra mints from the jar on our way out for me; and he blew my socks off and ended up paying for everything. Seriously, everything. He handed my credit card back to me and said I could pick up the tab at Oregano's after my concert next week. We spent the whole night laughing and having a wonderful time. Plus our server was hilarious and awesome. Huge fan. That's an experience that needs to be repeated.

Speaking of dress-up, I commissioned some hair pieces yesterday, too! My awesome friend Candice is crafty and makes beautiful hair doodads, so I asked her to make a few for me. One of 'em I commissioned with an occasion like last night in mind. Bohemian, something to add a little flair, but elegant and classy. I'm super excited to see what she comes up with!

I went to the Apple store this morning to have them take a look at my phone. I walked out of there without spending a dime, with a phone that works! Amazing. The last 24 hours have been so fantastic I can't even handle it.

Tomorrow I have a dinner date with GI Joe, since he bought me an amazing bottle of (Gaja) wine for taking over his shift. I'm making veal parmesan for the first time ever, so here's to hoping it won't be a disaster. On a related note, I have tons of homework to do, and some more marinara to make, so sayonara! May your day be as wonderful as mine has been, and may all your camels be fertile.


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