Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Your color personality

I came across this awesome chart today on one of the blog I follow. Make sure you check out the link at the bottom for the real chart. (This one is missing my favorite blue.)

My wedding colors were going to be dark green and light pink. I tend to wear greens and blues most often. And my home is decorated in earth tones. Interesting! I love how the two colors I would never choose for anything (poppy and red) definitely don't apply. Party person? Not me. Pessimistic? No way. And knowing what I want? I wish!

On the other hand, I love all the greens, pool (not shown here - click the link at the bottom!), night (probably the color I wear most often), and blossom. They're all totally me!

Check out Rae at The Color Issue for more, similar goodies!

Get your own chart from Paper Source here.

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