Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 101 update, and April's Fool

Today felt like one awful April Fool's joke.

I made breakfast burritos this morning and somehow managed to burn a little bit of egg to the bottom of the pan. I've never done that before and I am still not quite sure how it happened, but now it doesn't want to come off. Then I was two minutes late to work. I was all flustered leaving the house because I figured I was going to be late, and I forgot my lunch. I'd been at work for a while when I got a phone call asking for one of our managers. When I said he wasn't there, the caller announced she was his girlfriend and he had told her he would be working at 6AM. Yikes. Way to make things awkward for me.

I headed back home for lunch to enjoy the baked salmon I made last night. Called my bff and discovered my phone has decided to stop working again. Got home, stuffed my salmon in the microwave, and headed to the potty. Through the wall, I heard a huge explosion. I was surprised to see the Snapware in one piece, and not terribly pleased to find salmon covering every inch of the inside of my microwave. I ate what was left in the container... until I got to the middle. I had baked it for 12 minutes, thinking it would cook a little more in the microwave, and I didn't want to over-cook it. Well apparently that was a poor decision because the middle was still uncooked.

Headed back to work grumpy, hungry, my tummy a little upset from just eating undercooked fish, and had a few irritating/unsettling/intrusive text messages that did nothing to help my mood. Got in trouble for texting at work.

And I've had a few thoughts running through my head today that have been bugging me. Ugh. I'm looking forward to a good baking sesh with Miranda this week to clear my head. I think I have a dinner date with a friend on Wednesday, too, that I'm really looking forward to. (He's never taken me anywhere bad! The first time we went out was to BJ's. The most recent was to the White Chocolate Grill. Yum!)

Anyway. I'm drinking a glass of wine (Dominican Oaks Napa Cab. OMG yum!) and eating some chocolate, about to cook dinner. (Yes, at 10:30 at night.) I like to enjoy my dinner so I needed to relax a little first. (Plus I needed to do some dishes.)

So I'll leave you with another 101 update, for the month of March!

Since the one-year update, I have accomplished the following goals:

  • Host someone from CouchSurfing
  • Complete a puzzle of 1000+ pieces
  • Discover my blood type (B positive!)

And have made the following progress on others, as well:

  • Five books read
  • One more trip to the recycler (only one left!)
  • One new tea tried
  • $5 in coupons used
  • Answered 215/365 questions
  • Watched one new-to-me old movie 
  • Donated 2,000 grains of rice

I have completed a total of 21 goals now. I'm a little behind, but I'm going to aim for three goals per month from here on out, plus progress on at least five others. 

The stove is calling my name!!


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