Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bye-bye silverfish, and The Big Decision.

I woke up this morning to find a nasty, nasty bug with super long antennae and a gross tail thing! It was on the wall above poor Raj's cage. So of course I called the office to get on the pest control list, went and dropped off my key, and left for my Genetics test. As I was walking across campus, it hit me. Time to turn the ring around. Got it off just fine (unlike the last time, which I took as a sign), and it's been turned around all day. I just thought I'd give it a shot and try to pull it off right now (at 11:10 at night), and I can hardly move it at all. It's definitely not coming off. That really helped bring peace to my decision.

I've been a little weepy tonight. March 7th last year, Kyle finally landed back in the states. March 9th, he bought his ticket here, and March 13th, he was back in my arms. I got really emotional remembering where we were at this time last year - picking out UL wall decals for the house and looking at wedding photographers. And today, I turned my ring around - indicating that my heart is no longer protected by someone else's loyalty (though I suppose emotional loyalty is debatable) and is ready for the taking. 

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