Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Part one of the 5,000 question survey!

1. Who are you? Brianna!

2. What are the 3 most important things everyone should know about you? I love Jesus. I am a total math nerd. And I am a redhead!

3. When you aren't filling out 5,000 question surveys like this one what are you doing? Wasting time on MSOS.

4. List your classes in school from the ones you like the most to the ones you like the least (or if you are out of school, think of the classes you did like and didn't like at the time).  Current classes? Favorite = Sex, Lies, and Spies: Women's Literature of Germany. Then Genetics, Animal Physiology, Organic Chemistry II, and my Race, Medicine, & the Body class comes in dead last.

5. What is your biggest goal for this year? Get my GPA up, definitely.

6. Where do you want to be in 5 years? In medical school!

7. What stage of life are you in right now? I'm in my sixth year of college, so I'm hoping to be in the "starting a family" stage soon, but for now I'm stuck in the "oldest person in my classes" stage.

8. Are you more child-like or childish? Hopefully child-like. 

9. What is the last thing you said out loud? "I love you very much. Yes, goodnight!" to Raj.

10. What song comes closest to how you feel about your life right now?  I could never pick just one, but the one that describes my relationship right now is "Tomorrow" by Chris Young.

11. Have you ever taken martial arts classes? Yes. I started at age four. 

12. Does your life tend to get better or worse or does it just stay the same? It has its ups and downs. Life is what you make it! 

13. Does time really heal all wounds? Not alone, but yes.

14. How do you handle a rainy day?  Sitting inside, loving the sound of the rain on the roof. 

15. Which is worse...losing your luggage or having to sort out tangled holiday lights?  Losing your luggage. It happened to Dad and I when we flew over to Germany.

16. How is your relationship with your parents? Better than I had ever imagined! My mom is one of my best friends. 

Will you miss them when they are gone? Of course.

17. Do you tend to be aware of what is going on around you?  Up to date on news and politics? No. My physical surroundings? Absolutely. Call me hypervigilant. 

18. What is the truest thing that you know?  Music is the most beautiful expression of emotion there is.

19. What did you want to be when you grew up? When I was five, I wanted to be a pilot. 

20. Have you ever been given a second chance?  At a few things.

21. Are you more of a giver or a taker?  I definitely try to be more of a giver, but I don't always succeed. 

22. Do you make your decisions with an open heart/mind?  Not always, but it is something I try to do.

23. What is the most physically painful thing that has ever happened to you?  Being molested at 14.

24. What is the most emotionally painful thing that has ever happened to you?  Watching the man I've loved for nearly 4 years slip away before my eyes.

25. Who have you hugged today?  No one. 

26. Who has done something today to show they care about you?  Nat listened to me this morning. <3

27. Do you have a lot to learn?  I will never stop learning.

28. If you could learn how to do three things just by wishing and not by working what would they be?

A  Organic Chemistry

B  Basic home maintenance

C  Easily resolve conflict

29. Which do you remember the longest: what other people say, what other people do or how other people make you feel?  How they made me feel

30. What are the key ingredients to having a good relationship?  Trust, honesty, communication, fidelity, and shared values.

31. What 3 things do you want to do before you die?

A  Visit all seven continents. 

B  Have a successful career.

C  Start a family. 

32. What three things would you want to die to avoid doing?

A  Get bit by a snake.

B  Ever see a scorpion in my home.

C  Get in a car accident.

33. Is there a cause you believe in more than any other cause?  There are causes that I am passionate about, yes. My favorite organization I have volunteered with is the National Veteran's Wheelchair Games. 

34. What does each decade make you think of:

The 19..

20's:  flappers

30's:  The Great Depression

40's:  WWII

50's:  McCarthyism and the Rosenburgs

60's:  Woodstock and bra burning

70's:  Disco!

80's:  My birth year & fall of the Berlin wall. 

90's:  Internet for everyone!

2000s:  High school graduation, Europe trip.

2010s:  Kyle's deployment

35. Which decade do you feel the most special connection to and why?  2010s, because that's what I'm living right now! 

36. What is your favorite oldie/classic rock song?  Hell's Bells - AC/DC

37. What country do you live in and who is the leader of that country?  USA - Barack Obama.

If you could say any sentence to the current leader of your country what would it be?  "Sorry about the birthers."

38. What's your favorite TV channel to watch in the middle of the night?  I don't own a tv. 

39. What Disney villain are you the most like and why?  Probably one of the stepsisters from Cinderella. They are fairly girly and appear to crave the attention of men. I don't crave male attention, but I do crave positive male interaction. 

40. Have you ever been a girl scout/boy scout?  Yes, I was a girl scout when I was much younger.

41. If you were traveling to another continent would you rather fly or take a boat?  Fly. While I think it would be interesting to go sailing, the thought of a boat in the middle of the ocean in a storm makes me sick. 

42. Why is the sky blue during the day and black at night? Black = the absence of light. 

43. What does your name mean?  It is the feminine version of Brian, and means "strong."

44. Would you rather explore the deeps of the ocean or outer space?  Oh wow. Probably the ocean. 

45. Word association

What is the first word that comes to mind when you see the word:

Air:  all around us.

Meat:  steak.

Different:  same. 

Pink:  baby girl.

Deserve:  ice cream (not sure where that one came from.)

White:  snow!

Elvis:  is dead. :(

Magic:  James

Heart:  beats.

Clash:  The Clash (the band)

Pulp:  Fiction

46. If you could meet any person in the world who is dead who would you want it to be?  I would like to spend time with my family - my great-grandparents' parents. On my mom's side, they emigrated from Poland/Germany. I would love to meet them.

47. What if you could meet anyone who is alive?  Barbara Bush. She seems like a pretty neat lady. (Plus, she's not a Palin fan!)

48. Is there a movie that you love so much you could watch it everyday?  Rent.

49. You are going to be stuck alone in an elevator for a week. What do you bring to do?  I hope I have food and water! But I would bring a bunch of library books and probably a deck of cards. And my little turdy bird, because he is a source of never-ending entertainment and lights up my life every day. <3

50. Have you ever saved someone's life or had your life saved?  No.

51. Make up a definition for the following silly words...

Fruitgoogle:  A really stupid google search.

Ambytime:  Time for Amber to relax and destress alone.

Asscactus:  Total jerk. Someone who walks around / treats others like they have a cactus up their bum. 

52. What was the last thing you made with your own hands?  I made lunch today (that involved the stove). I fixed the sink stopper last month, and I knitted Gay a scarf for Christmas. 

53. What was your favorite toy as a child?  The one I remember was my Digipet. 

54. How many TV’s are in your house?  zero!

55. What is your favorite thing to do outside?  just observe and appreciate nature. 

56. How do you feel when you see a rainbow?  I smile inside. 

57. Have you ever dreamt a dream that came true?  I generally don't remember my dreams. 

58. Have you ever been to a psychic/tarot reader? No.

59. What is your idea of paradise?  Being surrounded by beautiful things, with no pain.

60. Do you believe in god and if so what is he/she/it like?  Yes, I do. I believe he is all-powerful, all-knowing, and is still caring. 

61. Do you believe in Hell?  Yes.

62. What one thing have you done that most people haven't?  Never dyed my hair and never broken a bone.

63. What is the kindest thing you have ever done?  I don't know, to be honest. I have done a lot of volunteer work in my years, but I can't think of a random act of kindness that sticks out. Maybe babysitting for the neighbors on my 16th birthday so they could go out?

64. Are you a patient person?  I would say yes. 

65. What holiday should exist but doesn't?  That's an interesting question. Maybe Christmas, in the true sense of the holiday.

66. What holiday shouldn't exist but does?  Presidents' Day. We already have a day to celebrate the founding of this nation. It's silly to celebrate a founder's birthday on top of that. 

67. What's the best joke you ever heard?  It might not be the best, but the one I have retold (even on a job application!) is the fly in the beer joke. It's to long to type out at 1AM. 

68. Where is the most fun place you have EVER been?  Probably Southern California. The opportunities are limitless! Shopping, learning history, going to the beach, Disneyland, Sea World, etc. etc. 

69. Is your hair natural or dyed?  Natural. 

70. Do you have any deep dark secrets or are you pretty much up front?  I am pretty up-front.

71. What is under your bed right now?  Two plastic totes - one for undies and one for socks. 

72. If you were in the Land of Oz would you want to live there or go home?  I would much rather be home. 

73. If you drive do you frequently speed?  You could say that. However, I've never been ticketed or even pulled over for speeding. 

74. What is the world's best song to dance to?  Chris Young - Center of my World.

75. What song was on the last time you danced with someone?  I believe it was New Year's Eve, in the kitchen with Kyle. If it wasn't then, then before my mom came to visit, over Christmas break, also in the kitchen. 

76. Do you prefer Disney or Warner Brothers?  Warner Brothers. They did Tom & Jerry!

77. What is the first animal you would run to see if you went to the zoo?  I don't generally run anywhere. I grab a map and take a tour of the whole place. 

78. Would you consider yourself to be romantic?  Not really. I like romance but I am not particularly romantic. 

79. If the earth stopped rotating would we all fly off?  Yes.

80. What is the one thing that you love to do so much that you would make sacrifices to be able to do it?  Sing. I'm not sure what sacrifices would have to be made, but I may very well lose my will to live if I lost my voice. Music is my passion. 

81. If you (and everyone) had to lose one right or freedom, but you could pick which one everyone had to lose, what would you pick?  Freedom of assembly.

82. If you had to choose would you live on the equator or at the North Pole?  Equator!! Much warmer there. 

83. Would you rather give up listening to music or watching television?  Watching tv, obviously, since I don't have one.

84. What do you think makes someone a hero?  Selfless acts, humility, courage - that's a tough one to define. 

85. What cartoon would you like to be a character in?  Tom & Jerry! That was my favorite show when I was younger. 

86. Name one thing that turns your stomach:  Anchovies. 

87. What was the last thing you paid for?  Gas when I filled up yesterday. 

88. Are you a coupon clipper?  Yep! I am participating in an MSOS exchange right now!

89. Get anything good in the mail recently?  A huge envelope of coupons from Caitlin! They came in the mail today. 

90. Which would you rather take as a gym class...dancing, sailing, karate, or bowling?  Dancing. 

91. In Star Trek people 'beam' back and forth between different places. What this means is they stand in a little tube and their molecules are deconstructed and sent to another tube somewhere else where they are reassembled. Only problem is when the molecules are deconstructed the person is dead. When they are put back together it is only a clone that has all the dead person's memories. So...

Is the person who gets beamed the same person on both ends?  First, they're not sent to tubes. And I love ST, so I'm going to say yes. 

92. What insects are you afraid of?  Beetles. They terrify me. 

93. If you could print any phrase on a T-shirt, what would it say?  I'm not a big fan of shirts with slogans. 

94. What's the most eccentric thing you have ever worn?  My silk jacket that I used to wear for Youth Court in high school. 

95. If you could pick one food that you could eat all you wanted but it would have no effect on how much you weigh, what food would it be?  All forms of pasta! 

96. What are your parents interested in?  Mom is a triathlete and Dad loves motorcycles. 

97. Have you ever caught an insect and kept it as a pet?  I probably did when I was younger. I certainly haven't recently. 

Have you ever caught and tamed a wild animal?  Um, obviously not. 

98. What is more helpful to you, wishes or plans?  Plans. I am a huge planner. I make a to-do list pretty much every day. 

99. When do you feel your life energy the strongest?  When I am happy. 

100. You are spending the night alone in the woods and may bring only 3 items with you. What do you bring?  A flashlight, a blanket, and a man to ward off intruders. 

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