Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dinner party! Sorta.

Well to start, I forgot to take pictures.

I went over to Kyle's around 4:30 last Thursday. Had to stop at Fry's on the way to pick up some groceries that Miranda didn't have/get beforehand, since she asked me to.

The Chicken Kiev takes about an hour, so I started that first. I'm trimming the chicken, and Miranda looks over and asks how I know which parts to cut off. So I know we learned something! So she did most of the measuring.

We made my Chicken Kiev recipe from the Inn Brittania cookbook (minus dipping the chicken in butter first). I don't feel like writing out the recipe right now. We also made some parm-crusted asparagus (adapted from here) and cheesy garlic biscuits rather than the focaccia recipe I found initially, because they would be much easier for Miranda to recreate (adapted from here).

The boys finished off the rest of the wine with dinner (go figure. Josh especially is a total beer man), and we made some chocolate chip cookies after dinner. The recipe lies. Definitely not the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever. They were okay, but rock hard after they cooked. Not a big fan.

After dinner, Josh invited me out to the bar for Jay's last night out. He bought me a drink and the bartender provided free shots, so I didn't have to pay for anything. And holy strong drink! I couldn't even finish it. Way more than a 1:1 rum:soda ratio. I kicked butt at pool, and beat a boy!

Tuesday, Gloria and I went out to dinner at San Felipe's. <3 More on that later. I'm finishing up here in class and heading home to see my daddy!! He should have flown in a little earlier this morning, so he should be at the house by the time I get home.

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