Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oopsies! It's been another week.

And first-off, I started following Sarah's blog today. She has a post about 101 goals in 1001 days, and I think I'm going to start something similar! I'm going to compile the list this weekend, but start it today (because I'm going to do a freerice one, too, and I've donated 700+ grains today).

I was chatting with Josh Schott last Thursday, I think it was, and ended up telling him I would knit him a hat. (It was -4 when we were talking. I think he was a little chilly!) I got the yarn in on Saturday, but I don't have the right size needles (a 10), so I guess I'll be heading to the knitting shop later this week to pick up some bamboo DPNs and get started. I'm still looking for a simple hat pattern if anyone has one handy. It's a variegated yarn so I don't want a fancy pattern that will hide that. I also only have one skein, so I can't get too fancy and waste it.

Anyway, I mentioned that because as payment, he got me a few things off Amazon. I am now the proud owner of the new Darius Rucker CD, the book Bonk, and an awesome loose-leaf tea travel mug that I'm excited to try out.

I got email notification today that I am "at risk" with Passion Parties again. Le sigh. I know that I would be able to get parties if I tried harder, and it's my own fault for expecting them to fall into my lap, but now I need nearly $350 in sales to get me through the end of the month. I know that's only one party, which isn't difficult, but deadlines like that are frustrating to me. Maybe I'll have another open house for my AGD girls and not focus on what I have on-hand this time. Or maybe I'll go around Adelphi advertising for a sisterhood deal, and I'll donate 10% to their foundation or charity of choice.

I put some clothes up on MSOS today. I'm not expecting to have too much luck with them (I had one BR shirt, one pair of Gap jeans, and one ON sweater. The rest was pretty much no-name stuff), but it doesn't hurt to try. If I can make a few bucks before donating everything, I'll do it.

Kyle and I went to Costco on Saturday. I got some cereal, some more artichoke hearts, and some pumpkin maple butter that I'm really excited to try! Great Harvest doesn't have their menu up for March yet, or I'd swing by and grab some tasty bread to try it on. I think we're going to dinner at the little Greek place (Oliveo) up on University & Rural, so we might swing by the Farmer's Market afterward and grab some bread if they have anything good there.

Looks like he's headed over here so I should probably go print off that groupon and get ready to go. 'Til next time!

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