Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 2, and I'm going crazy.

Yesterday, as I promised to myself, I started my five-day juice cleanse. (Recipes and more on that here.)

I'm. going. insane. I had a dream last night that I ate cookies, or a muffin, or something bread-y and delicious. I woke up SO angry that I would have to start this whole thing over.

I'm really not all that hungry, surprisingly. However, this whole not having anything to munch on is really getting to me. I would sell a child to be able to cheat and crunch some cookies. Or an avocado. Or even some blueberries, rather than squeezing all the life out of them.

I've been chewing gum occasionally, attempting to curb the madness. It doesn't work. Something about chewing your food apparently is a huge deal to the brain.

So, in an attempt to get my mind off what I can't do for the next several days, I've been trying to stay out of the kitchen. I took a nearly-30-minute shower. I called ASU to get information on auditions for the women's choral group, and then emailed the guy in charge. I emailed a boot camp place to register for an upcoming class. I cleaned out my inbox of all the recipes I could find. I did some miscellaneous work things. Read up on "tricks" to keep your resolutions for the year. Then stared at my calendar and wished more time had passed, so I could go into work.

I'm not sick to my tummy (yet), which I certainly appreciate. I remember that as being the hardest part of my oral surgeries. The liquid diet that follows for the next week means your stomach over-produces bile, and terrible things happen. Mostly you're sick to your tummy all the time.

I'm already planning what to eat on Saturday. Maybe some steel-cut oats with blueberries (if I have any left) for breakfast. An avocado as a snack. Dessert is definitely going to be some chocolate pudding made with avocado. I might toss in some super-unhealthy homemade stovetop mac & cheese for good measure.

Ohhhhhhh, food. How tempting you are! I will make it through these four days, and I will come out a slightly thinner version of myself. This will be the jump-start I need to eat healthier. I'll just keep my eyes on the prize. Steel-cut oats for breakfast Saturday morning. Oh, boy. Ciao!

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