Saturday, January 14, 2012

I fixed that shit.

Maybe it's just my house, but it seems like it goes through phases where everything goes wrong - the shower leaks. The dishwasher drainage line is clogged. The heating unit is acting funny. Every light in the house is dead. The fridge is dripping. You know the drill.

Well this week was one of those weeks. The shower wouldn't turn off. When you'd finally think you had it, it would drip all day. The shower drain was clogged, because I have so much hair. And the dishwasher had standing water in the bottom of it. Fantastic, right? Just what I wanted to deal with the first week of school.

Thursday afternoon I'd had enough of the dishes piling up on my counter, so I fixed that shit. I'm still impressed with myself.

In other news, Kyle came over Thursday to pick up copies of the paperwork from/involving our old apartment that is currently in collections (because we broke the lease legally and just haven't gotten around to taking them to court). Things went smoothly and I'm really glad. I think it was good (at least for me) to have some mostly-positive interaction with him, and leave the negative feelings behind.

I went to the Olive Mill today, and it was the first day of their Spring First Press Festival! (Or whatever they called it. Something like that.) Free wine tasting, live band, private press olive oil tasting, and a vendor table set up that was tasting bbq sauces (holy cow, yum!) and wine jellies/jams. It was pretty wonderful! I also walked out spending exactly what I had planned on when I walked in, which was pretty pleasing.

I'm having breakfast with friends in the morning, so I should probably start heading to bed pretty soon. Sorry for the lack of updates lately! I have been busy with school shenanigans and homework. I'll try to show my face a little more often, though. Ciao!!

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