Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dear Piperlime,

Stop tempting me, you harlot!

I already ordered a new purse from you yesterday. I don't need to be constantly reminded of your "Sweet deals," or how I can "Save on [my] faves." I love you already! The ad underneath EVERY SINGLE QUESTION I've answered on FreeRice tonight is a little overkill.

In other news, the enormous mess that is ASU still is totally swamped with the 300,000 other students trying to reset their passwords, and I haven't been able to get on in over two days. At first it wasn't a huge deal. Now it's starting to become an enormous pain in the ass. I would like to be able to access syllabi. I would like to know what homeworks are due when. I would like to be able to turn in homework that was due over the last week.

But no. Instead I sit here with an angry "high request volume" error message, unable to access Blackboard or check my email. You would think a school - particularly the largest school in the nation whose number one goal is not scholarship, but is apparently to recruit more students - would better protect supposedly "secure" information.

I hate the politics surrounding ASU. Rather than launching on a tirade about how instead of starting a petition to pay them more money, I should be chalking up this incident as yet another on their shitlist.

But alas, I still have another year here. And since I only got three hours of sleep last night between staying up in an attempt to get back into the ASURITE system and boot camp this morning, it's time for me to pass out. Maybe I'll dream sweet, sweet dreams about how Michael Crow's income is slashed by 90%. Or maybe dreams of how I, too, can be compensated upwards of $800K annually to poorly manage a university.

May all your camels be fertile, and may ASU be blessed with a competent president.

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