Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back from Florida!

And oh boy, was it an adventure.

I left Friday afternoon. Arrived in Orlando just after 7PM. Waffle and Prince Charming picked me up at the airport, and dropped me off at Reby's dorm. Reby, her wonderful fiance Will, and I all went out to the Funky Monkey - a sushi and wine bar with a drag show, where they treated me to dinner. We wandered around a bit after dinner; I got a tour of the town, and we found a mini golf place that was pirate-themed and open until 11:30. We drove around a little more after that, stopped at a bar that had a ridiculous cover, got right back in the car, and they took me back to the lake house.

Speaking of the lake house... this is where we stayed. Such a nice place!

But I digress. Got back to the lake house. Met the fam (including Grandma, after a few bottles of wine), and turned around to go back out for a bit with the boys. The groomsmen (and me) went out and met Mai's family on Wall Street. Bunch of bars, one cover (which the groom paid. Awesome!). We were out for about an hour and a half. Had a great time.

Saturday, Mark left for the rehearsal, and Momma and Will picked me up around 10:30 to go see the ducks at the Peabody. Super cute! They walk down a red carpet from their "duck suite" and hop into a fountain. Went out to breakfast for Momma's birthday, ran some errands (including a super awesome doctor visit for her), and headed to the outlet malls.

Spent too much money. Came home with a great haul. New Movado watch. New Coach purse and sunglasses. Guess shoes. Lots of assorted goodies.

There was a meet & greet back at the house that started at five, so we headed back so they could spend the evening together for Reby's birthday, and I could spend some time with Mark and the fam. We had a dinner catered by 4 Rivers (apparently the best bbq joint in town, and it was tasty!), and then sat around the dining table until 2AM singing while Waffle and Mark's dad played guitar.

Slept in Sunday morning. Got up, got ready, hung around the house while everyone else took pictures, tried to help get the boys ready (Alina's twins were going to be the ring bearers. They didn't want to change out of their superman capes into their outfits, so it ended up being a ceremony without ring bearers), and left for the ceremony with ten minutes to spare.

The wedding was beautiful. Mike and Mai wrote their own vows. He cried when she started walking up the aisle. They did a tea ceremony (traditional Chinese) for the parents and grandparents, which was so touching. The reception was a ton of fun. The dj was awesome, the food was fantastic (traditional Chinese 9-course family-style dinner), and I lost count of how many times I heard "OMG you guys are going to make such adorable red-headed babies!!"

And then I came home. My flight left at 5:10 Monday morning. Ew.

Anyway. I am back home, relaxing a bit after go-go-going all weekend. I finally have a new laptop charger, so I've been able to upload some of my photos. I've been super behind on my 365 photo challenge, but updated those a bit, too. (Still not caught up. Don't have the time!)

I am off to my first Bikram class here in a few minutes. Just wanted to leave you with a quick update!


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