Friday, February 3, 2012

I have a love/hate relationship with Jon Lajoie.

His music is hysterical, but also gets stuck in your head SO easily... and it's not exactly socially acceptable to walk around singing "Show me your genitals."

Day 2:

Yay math homework. Some of the ladies on a forum I'm on are doing a themed photo of the day for February. Yesterday's was words... and this is my quasi-contribution. They're the shortened versions of word problems. Yes, I am taking Mathematical Structures. And yes, I think it kinda sucks.

In other news, today was the last day of my four-week bootcamp. I was really looking forward to being weighed/taped... until I was weighed and taped. I lost no weight, and no inches. Like, zero difference. I wasn't really surprised when I saw that I hadn't lost weight since I assumed I'd probably gain muscle, but not to lose inches was a huge surprise and a disappointment. I'm still waiting to get rid of this enormous ass I gained in Europe. I was counting on boot camp and running to do that for me so I could fit into my dress for Michael's wedding... and as of several days ago, it fits much better in the waist but the hips are still WAY too tight. Total let-down.

Boo for periods. I was really enjoying the whole non-existent period thing for the last several months. Until this morning, that is. I woke up miserable, not wanting to go to boot camp. I'm sure that's why my measurements "haven't changed," since I'm so bloated and feel disgusting. I guess I'll have to break out my own measuring tape and tape myself in a few days.

And since I should probably head out and start doing something productive with my day, I'll leave you with this. Kyle apologized this morning but apparently doesn't read his text messages before he sends them.

Day three:


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