Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I am a Constitutional Libertarian. Or: Why the Gov't can suck it.

I last edited this on January 18th. Oops. Told you I was bad about getting things up in a timely manner!

I did the whole "STOP SOPA" script thing in my blog header last month in an attempt to black out my blog in protest of SOPA. All it did was give me a bunch of error messages and refuse to let me change the code back for hours. Rude.

So instead, I thought I'd ramble a little bit about my political leanings. I was asked to do so more than six months ago by someone I met in my travels in Europe, but I never got around to it. So Wing, this one is for you.

Ron Paul is my man.

No really. He is. From the minute I first heard of him, I liked him. The more I've heard from him, the more I realize our viewpoints are aligned. I have a signed copy of End the Fed as well as a signed copy of a pocket Constitution that he wrote the forward for.

He spoke on campus here last December (2010) and that's when I realized I might have been classifying my political views incorrectly.

I'm registered to vote as an independent. I formerly identified as a republican - fiscally conservative but socially liberal. Then Ron Paul was invited to speak by the local libertarian group at their annual conference, and it occurred to me as he spoke that what I thought of as socially liberal wasn't, really. I just don't think the government should be able to mandate a lot of things (whom I can marry, what I choose to do with my body, whether or not to subject myself to pornoscanners at the airport, among many others).

Ron Paul's take on the war? Get them out. I'm so on board. Ron Paul's economic stance? Well, he predicted the collapse of the economy several years before. This guy knows his shit. Ron Paul on abortion? He's pro-life but doesn't believe the federal government should be able to legislate that. Or, in his words, "We don't need a federal abortion police." Yep. He believes the War on Drugs is a waste. "Costly and ineffective." It certainly is both. His take on illegal immigration? "A nation without borders is no nation at all." And Ron Paul on healthcare? Obamacare is crap, but the current insurance situation needs to be abolished, too. Right on.

Ron Paul is my man. As an added bonus, he's incredibly intelligent (a medical degree from Duke isn't exactly a no-brainer). He's not a racist jerk, a pompous assface, or a philanderer. (What great candidates we have for the GOP, huh?) If you're not totally satisfied with the candidates out there right now, please look into his platform.

With that, I'm back to the books.

Ron Paul; Ron Paul!

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