Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm back in my pants!!!!!!!!!

It's not like I would walk around in them with a super tight shirt on or anything, but I put on my work pants on Sunday (a size 2), and didn't have to suck it in to button them!

Suck on that, period bloat. I definitely have lost inches in the last month! And so I celebrated by drinking green tea, doing a zillion jumping jacks, and eating a mondo lemon, spinach, goat cheese pasta dinner. My choir concert is in two weeks, and my (other) goal is to look good in that super scandalous grey dress, so I can go out in it afterward.

So between now and then, I plan to:

  • drink at least one cup of hot green tea every day.
  • drink at least 64 oz. of ice water every day. 
  • get some sort of exercise every day. It's unrealistic to think I'll run every day, or burn 500 calories exercising daily, but my aim is to get my heart-rate up doing SOMETHING for 15 minutes every day. 
  • NOT drink any alcohol until the Florida trip. This (sadly) includes tastings at the table at work. 
  • do 250 jumping jacks, 25 sit-ups, and 25 squats every day on top of whatever exercise I choose. 
  • make it easier to resist temptation. Don't bake at all! 

I'll try to update on how it goes! One of the things I'm most self-conscious about is the way my legs look, and this dress definitely shows them off. I need legs worthy of showing off in approximately two weeks.

Anyway. This is the hooker dress I may or may not be wearing some time soon. Too tight and too short to look anything other than fantastic before I put it on.

I also tried on my old jeans this morning, and I'm back in those, too! YAY, SIZE TWO PANTS!!!!!!!!!!! It's been eight months since I've been able to say that. Like, pre-Europe. July. I was absolutely thrilled this morning when I put them on, and that's today's photo... that I will upload tomorrow, with the rest that I've been slacking on.

I have to be up at 5 in the morning to take my wonderful bff and her fiance to the airport, so my super exciting updates about my photo shoot, dinner tonight, school stuff... it'll all have to wait. I have a test in the morning in my programming class, a test later this week in Linear Algebra, two math homework assignments due Thursday, and a German paper due Sunday night, so you might not see a whole lot of me between now and then.


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  1. Yay, go you!!! That's awesome! You look amazing in that dress!!