Sunday, May 8, 2011

101 update - my new bff4l!

I'm crossing off the goal to make a new close friend. Jacey definitely fits the bill! After our road trip to Modesto this weekend and spending nearly 55 hours together nonstop, I feel like we just bonded so much more.

Maybe I should back up and say Jacey and her husband are the couple I met at La Bocca on the night Kyle picked up his things back in March. I decided to go out by myself rather than sit inside and mope, and I ended up standing behind them in line, chatting, and sitting at their table, eating dinner with them, and kindling an amazing friendship. Two weeks later, Jace and I went out to dinner at Centro Paninoteca. Two days after that, she called to invite me to sit down with Ron Riisager and hear about the business she is building with her husband.

So I did. Wednesday, April 13th, I sat down with the three of them and signed up. I sat through two hours of presentations before deciding I wanted to jump in, but I still did it. I was launched on Friday, and Saturday was the big house fiasco. They offered their home to me on Sunday, but I didn't move in until the next Saturday.

They have been wonderful. We eat dinner together most nights. We have made dinner as a collective effort before. I even made dinner for all of us tonight, and it was so wonderful getting compliments on my cooking! I went out to dinner with Jacey to La Cucina Italiana last Sunday night.

I just feel so blessed that she and her husband have been placed in my life. I absolutely adore both of them. They are both so incredibly giving. They are kind. They are just wonderful people. I have known them for less than a month and a half, but I would trust them with my lives. (And I have trusted them with $500 in cash, just laying around.)

I am so amazed at how quickly our friendship has grown over the last month, and I am looking forward to seeing where life will take our friendship. <3

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