Sunday, May 15, 2011

A quick update. :)

I am home from Sue's graduation party, and felt the need to give a quick update.

When I was over at Sue's for Easter dinner, she had their friend Kyle over as well. He's 45. Wife left him a year ago on Memorial Weekend. Super sweet guy. Former law enforcement.

Anyway, he was also there tonight, and when I went to leave, he walked over, gave me a big hug, and told me if I'm ever interested in dating someone older, to give him a call.

I was flattered. And the really interesting thing about that, to me, is that I had just finished telling the table that I withheld sex in my relationship for nearly three years. After making the case that sex is paramount for guys, he asked me out, basically. Interesting. Curious. Flattering.

He's wonderful. That put a smile on my face tonight. And now I'm sleepy and off to bed. Goodnight, world!

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