Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A new book, and some birdy news!

Lindsey recommended a week or so ago that I read Why Mars and Venus Collide, by Dr. John Gray. And so I am! I put in a hold at the library and I got it yesterday. I'm going to do the same note-taking thing here that I've done in the past.

  • Life is not about having everything our own way whenever we want it. 
  • No one is ever perfect, but your partner can be the perfect person for you. 
  • If we continue to correct and adjust ourselves, we can create a lifetime of love. When we can own our mistakes and adjust our actions, we can reduce the tension in our relationships. 
  • By examining how we behave differently in stressful situations, a woman's never-ending to-do list, for example, I hope to give you new insights into how our diverse responses to stress cause us to clash. [This one made me laugh, because just last night, I was transferring over the huge to-do list I wrote for myself at work this weekend into my planner.]
  • Respect is honoring who a person is and being open to appreciate everything he or she has to offer. [I'm not sure I totally agree with this definition, but I do like the first part. Honoring.]
  • Women today are so tired and stressed, they too want a happy wife to greet them at home. [Interesting! And I sort-of agree. I know I definitely appreciated it when Kyle picked me up from work and/or had made lunch/dinner, etc. and was both that smiling face and had helped out around the house.]
  • Returning home after work causes most women's stress levels to increase. 

And I think I'm done reading for the day now. At least that. I'm going to watch a bit of the Casey Anthony trial online, and try to get my birdy to snuggle with me. I discovered today after walking into the bedroom to find an egg at the bottom of the cage, that my Raj is not a boy bird! 

Hello, little egg. 

It was cracked from dropping. :(

My birdy is a big girl now! It's so weird to say that. Someone suggested I change her name to Jasmine, to stay in the same vein. I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of that, but I might call her Jazz. I'm so overwhelmed! My bird has a sex change just a few hours ago! I'm still not sure how to process all of this. 

I finished up my evening watching some amazing ACN training. This month's video was so inspirational! I am looking forward to making ACN work for me. I haven't tried hard enough to get this off the ground - especially since I've been dealing with everything surrounding the house, and breakup drama, etc. - and I am the reason I have not done well. I am taking responsibility for my business right now. I am dedicated to making this work for me, and I know it can happen. Starting now, I will not make any more excuses. ACN is my vehicle to my savings goal. $15K, here I come! 

With that, I'm getting pretty sleepy and I have a dance lesson with Tony tomorrow. I need to get my beauty sleep relatively soon! Goodnight, world. <3

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