Sunday, May 29, 2011

Have I mentioned that I love my life?

I got my first check from ACN in the mail today!!!!! I thought about taking a picture to prove someone wrong, but I just don't care enough. I got into this business knowing that I am going to make it work for me. I am. I don't need anyone else's approval because I know the potential this has and I have a check in my hand.

Jacey joined me after wine tasting today and we gathered surveys in the complex. I got six, and they are all AWESOME. I have one guy who is moving out of state on June 8th, so looking for all new services, PLUS his phone contract is up and he's interested in upgrading. Amazing!! I also got surveys from two Indian families who have home phone service and are interested in digital phone. I know at least one of them has their entire family living in India, so I think we're going to bring up the video phone. Especially with the family plan option for $1.99/line/mo since they have a young daughter. They were SUPER nice, too. Invited us inside, offered drinks, wanted to chat. The woman is still waiting on her work visa so she stays home all day. I think she and I would get along really well. Perhaps I'll try kindling a friendship. I think she could probably use a friend here.

AND I got a business partner lead! Some guy named Brandon who, when he saw the ACN logo, started raving about the business! On and on about how excited he is about it, how awesome it is that Donald Trump is backing it, how he's seen us on Celebrity Apprentice, how proud he is of me for going out and making the business work for me. It was actually really motivational! He saw the business for the first time about two years ago, he said, and didn't like the comp plan then. I think Jacey and I are going to set up a time to meet with him and explain things all over again. Perhaps he'll be business partner #2!

Ryan is doing a Tough Mudder that started today. I hadn't ever heard of it before, and I assumed it was some dumb 4-wheeling thing. Um, wrong! The site describes it as a cross between ironman and burning man. It's a crazy athletic event of sorts that definitely makes my fitness level laughable. It just reminded me how hard I need to work on myself before we leave. I would feel awful if we went hiking and I held him up, or something. I think the primary focus is more on backpacking and much less on hiking, but I still could stand to work on myself. (Sidenote: LA is not NorCal, you goof.)

Anyway, I mentioned that partially because I need a kick in the pants to get (more) fit before the trip, but also because I stopped Roman today when I was at Total Wine to talk to him about our trip and get some feedback. He is from Gdansk, in northern Poland. He raved about Krakow, Prague, Budapest, Greece, and "the islands," talked about flights, transportation options, a resort that we apparently need to see/stay at, and some great hiking spots. Apparently his grandfather was at Treblinka before being transferred to a work camp in Austria where he later died. He lived in Warsaw for (I think he said) 18 years, and he recommended skipping Warsaw altogether. Just some interesting insights that made me so thankful that I have people to consult, amazed and so excited that everything is coming together so quickly (considering we started planning four days ago), and have me looking forward to this trip even more.

I was PMing back and forth a bit earlier with a wonderful woman who recently went through a break-up after more than four years. Talking with her made me realize how far I have come, and how much more I am able to love myself and others. How much more assertive I am. How much happier and content I am. It makes me hurt for other people when I see them hurting the way I did - especially when I know that nothing anyone can say will make it click for them. She will start her healing and grieving process whenever she is ready, and not before then. I feel bad for the people who had to listen to me through the bad times now, and I appreciate them so much more for not getting fed up and storming off on me.

All in all, a wonderful day.

I went out with Kyle H. on Friday night, and that went really well. He was nice and I had a great time. He took me to the Italian Grotto up in Old Town Scottsdale, and then we walked around for a bit after dinner. He asked me out on a second date and I agreed, but I'm starting to have second thoughts. I really enjoyed his company. I think he's a great guy. But I don't see anything romantic kindling. The opinion of my parents, as much as we have had our differences in the past, matters immensely to me. And that is not a relationship I think they would ever support.

And since we're talking about relationships, I've recently talked to a few friends about how to broach the topic of the friend zone, and how to figure out if I'm stuck there. I've been given some ideas that sound a little odd, but I think I might give 'em a shot. It can't hurt. I also don't think it would damage our friendship or make things terribly awkward if feelings weren't reciprocated. We're big kids. I also won't be ruined if feelings aren't reciprocated. Obviously that's what I'm interested in, but if that's not the case, he's still important to me.

So, that's that! And it's past my bedtime again. I've been really awful lately at getting a full night's sleep, so I need to head that way. Sleep sweet!

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