Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More updates!

It's been another little while since I've updated, and life has certainly gone on!

Last Thursday, I had an appointment at Fuchsia for a facial. I completely spaced it, and got a phone call 15 minutes after my appointment time asking if I was going to make it in. Oops. They gave me the option of either a $30 charge, or them taking one of my services. I didn't like either of my choices, so I asked if I could reschedule for a different service that day without being charged the $30. Sure enough, they booked me for a massage later in the afternoon for no penalty. My therapist was Jessica. Amazing. I needed a massage so badly, and she did such an awesome job.

Ended up only going to Express Mie on Thursday night for Josefa's arms class. Killer, as usual. Friday afternoon, had lunch with Tony at MBFGE and then went wine tasting.

The weekend wasn't terribly exciting. I called Grandpa on Saturday for his birthday, and stopped by the house to grab some groceries. Sunday, I had invited Kyle's dad to church with me, but Kyle said something rude in response about wanting “his” shower curtain back, so I dropped it. I called Ron later and left a voicemail letting him know that I would like to take him out to dinner that evening. Got a text back from Kyle when I was out at dinner with Jacey saying they were at the Grand Canyon.

Monday, I worked like crazy on my paper for German. I ended up changing the premise of the paper around 3 o'clock, when the paper was due at 5:40. It ended up being 14 pages, and I made at least two people cry when I presented my paper in class. 100%, baby!! And it was worth 40% of our final grade. It was quite possibly the most amazing paper I've ever written. It wasn't my best work – I re-wrote 14 pages in the two hours before it was due, but it was so poignant and my imagery was spectacular. I am so pleased with the way it turned out.

And then today! The last day of class for the semester. The due date for my Race, Medicine, & the Body essay was pushed back from tomorrow to Friday morning, which I am incredibly thankful for – especially because my computer was being super dumb all day and wouldn't connect using the ethernet cord that was plugged right into it. I desperately need a new laptop. Maybe I'll ask for one for my birthday.

And with that, I'm outta here. It's past my bedtime.  

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  1. Hey lady, thanks for the info and hugs :) It's a big help. We are doing a lot better. It's a struggle for him everyday, but with communication it's better.

    I'm glad to see things are going well for you... let me know if you need anything!

    And thanks again!!! *hugs*