Monday, May 30, 2011

31 day blogging challenge.

Starting yesterday, I'm going to try the whole blogging daily thing. I've tried it before and it didn't go very well, but I didn't make a serious effort either. We'll see how it goes!

I have a chat date with Ryan at 1 to finalize plans for the Europe trip - or at least iron them out in a way that will make me feel comfortable buying a plane ticket. I think the tickets are going to be purchased either today or tomorrow!!! I am so excited. I emailed him yesterday everything I had talked about with Roman, and he said something along the lines of "I guess that answers my questions of how serious you really are."


Chat date complete! We decided to skip Kiev because it will add at least two days to the trip in travel time, and Ryan said it will be pretty expensive. He's also thinking about doing a CrossFit training in SD July 23 - 24, so I might go out a little early and meet up with Sara for a few days. She's going to be in Italy for about a week before Ryan and I were supposed to fly in, and I would love to see Italy obviously. So I think that's going to be happening. A part of me has reservations - if we can't even spend six hours together without bickering, I'm not sure I could spend several days with her in a foreign country. But we'll see. I'm thinking that, worst case scenario, I can spend the days doing whatever I want and go back to whatever agreed upon hostel in the evenings.

Have I mentioned how amazingly excited I am for this trip? Italy. Prague. Auschwitz. Krakow. Zakopane. Budapest. Croatia (Ryan's in charge of that one). Sarajevo. Greece. Crete. Best trip ever!!

I talked to Natelie a little bit about this summer - her coming down here, potentially. I think she could use a break from the Aaron drama, from her family, etc. and it would be helpful for both of us because I need someone to watch the bird when I'm gone. I told her I'd pre-cook meals before I left for Europe, even though I think she's probably pretty awesome in the kitchen, too. It would be good to have someone in the house after the renovation/remodel to make sure everything goes smoothly, and all that. Plus, she could use a vacation. Or a staycation! I wouldn't mind Nat as a roommate. We'll see what happens.

I didn't get the chance to sit down with Josh tonight and go over our weekly fitness goals, but I'll share it here instead! I hopped on the scale this morning and was 129.4. Terrifying. Or maybe not, but definitely discouraging. My goal for next Monday is to be at 128.0. (And I say that while eating chocolates.) My ultimate goal is to be under 125 when I leave for Europe, and to be confident both in my appearance in shorts and my ability to keep up with Ryan while hiking.

I bought some Soloman trail runners tonight and took advantage of that REI 20% off coupon. Here's to hoping they'll fit. I bought them online since the store was closed when I stopped in today. They closed at 6 because of the holiday. Lame. But free shipping, which was awesome! That right there pays for over half the membership fee. Unfortunately I didn't earn a dividend on my new $110 shoes, since they were on sale. But I have no doubts in my mind that I will easily make up the membership fee before the trip begins.

Dinner tonight was delish! I'll post the recipe later. I will also post the recipe for the awesome beer chili I made Sunday night! But for now, I'm off!

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