Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's raining men!

I feel like the last 10 days have been just crazy!

Last Friday - dinner with Ben.
Last Saturday - Miranda's mom's graduation party. When I left, Kyle told me if I ever am interested in dating older men, to give him a call.
Last Sunday - Jonathan was flirting shamelessly.
Monday - pool and drinks with Mike. Stayed the night.
Tuesday - dinner and drinks with Ryan and Sam. Stayed out until 1:45. Ryan and I had a dark corner of the bar to ourselves and just chattered away. <3
Friday - dancing lesson with Tony. Then, at the party for work, had a resident offer to fix my heel (since I broke it) and ask what I would be doing after work.
Tonight - dinner with Ben again, and I got a message from Kyle earlier asking me to go out with him.

It's raining men!

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