Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finally told Mom!

I say finally like it's been forever, when really it hasn't even been a week.

Mom texted me last night to see how things were going, and I said something about how I might meet up with Sara in Italy for a few days this summer. She got super, SUPER confused (poor Mom!) so I explained to her that I would be going, meeting up with Sara, and then meeting up with Ryan when his summer class was over. She voiced concerns about the bird, about money, about summer plans (how I said I was going up to Alaska and needed to let some people know I wouldn't be), and a few other things, but not once did she express concern about who I was going with!! That really made me happy. Not that I think I have anything to worry about, because I know that I don't, but I was sorta expecting a rude comment about how I was going with a guy, and was surprised and relieved not to get that!

I told Emily and her man friend (Andrew, I think) about the trip tonight. I'm just so excited! I can't believe that I've been planning a variation of this for five years, and my dream is finally coming true.

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