Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First full day in florence

It was a short one. I was only out in town fir about 5 hours.

Also please pardon all typos. My phone doesn't like my fat fingers and I am tired if going back to correct.

So! Today! Left the house and went to the tourism office by piazza cesare beccaria. Got a bunch if maps, a free book, and some cool information. Headed straight to Santa Maria del fiore where the line was so long they had stopped letting people in fir the day... Even though they didn't close for another 4 hours. Then headed to basilica di San Lorenzo. I have something fundamentally against paying to get into a church so even though there was no line, I skipped it. Looked at my handy info packet and realized mist of the churches here, you have to pay yo get into. So I headed south to grom, which I heard from a local was supposed yo be the place fir ice cream. Nothing impressive. Then went to orsanmichele - one if the free churches. Went back north yo hit up another free church and passed the museo Dell opera del duomo. Six euros and they took my card. They had some amazing Donatello sculpture in there (admittedly I don't think he's the greatest, but it was very cool to see the works if one if the masters up close and personal). I also snapped a photo of michaelangelo's sculpture that I won't spoil for you Brown art history fans, buy will have the photo up shortly. From there, thought I would head up to the free church. Found another small one on my way and stopped in there. Then I saw a supermarket so I stopped to see if I could find goodies fir dinner. They had no bell peppers at all, and no ground beef or turkey. However, I got a carton of gelato (or two) so I had to run back here and put them in the freezer.

Got home, checked my email, and... Best news ever!! Alaska came through on my student loan fir $8500 instead of the $2500 or so I thought they were going to give me. Amazing! Now I don't have yo worry about finances when school starts. Sayonara, $11,610 tuition bill. I will only have about $3200 out if pocket, which is no problem.

I've been looking up winery tours in Tuscany hoping to get out of the city either tomorrow or Thursday but it doesn't look like it is going to happen. I don't feel like paying €200+ for a car/bus plus tour and then the cost if wine on top of it. I guess I will just have yo come back when I am rich. I threw my coin in the Trevino fountain the other day with that intention, so I guess we will see.

The guy I am staying with does amway. Pretty sure I'm going to prospect him before I leave.

Guess I will get back to planning my day for tomorrow. Awesome day today! Though Florence had very little to do with that. I am hoping to get in line early tomorrow fir the cathedral. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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