Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quick update from Florence

Quick because it is about 11am and I want to head out here soon.

After the hostel, I was able to find a host for the next three nights. He was a pretty nice guy but total late nighter. Sleep until 2pm kind of guy. The second night, he took me and the other girl staying there to a club... And we were out until past four. I didn't want to be rude and ask to leave, but I definitely wasn't feeling it. The next day we all slept until 1 and then ran some errands for him and went to lunch. By the time I got to the coliseum they had already closed for the day. I wasn't terribly pleased.

In Florence now. Have a guy who appears to be an awesome host. He won't be around much (works very late) but has been very generous in giving me a house key and is hosting me for three days when he said he usually only hosts fir one.

Off to see what Florence has to offer, and grab a late breakfast! I had to recover after my lack of sleep the night before.

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