Thursday, July 14, 2011

My life rocks.

That is all.

Also, since I'm probably going to start spreading the word and using this as a travel blog once I leave, here is a warning. Mostly for my parents. If you encounter anything here that disappoints, upsets, angers you, or gives you any other negative reaction - my apologies in advance. This blog is for my own personal reflection and memories more than anything else. I don't censor myself as I might normally. Just a heads' up.

Had a meeting in the clubhouse today. Got seven surveys out of it and it looks like at least half of them will turn into customers. Awesome!

Also, Wildflower blackberry orange lemonade is freakin' delicious.

Battery is dying again, so I should head home. Arizona nights by the pool are gorgeous, but there have been one too many bugs out tonight for my liking. I'm staring down a roach right now, which probably means it's time to go inside.

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